About Us


My name's Antonia. Thanks for visiting our page and supporting Little Warrior Bears. 

Our story begins back in 2010, when our little boy was born with a life-threatening, complex heart condition. We'd known very little about congenital heart defects up to that point, but as many of you understand, we became experts on the topic pretty quickly. 

At first, we had to get an understanding of what the doctors were talking about. Then we had to try and figure out what all of it meant for his future. It's a scary place to be, but eventually you figure things out and take each day as it comes. 

Teddy Bears with mended heart

It was when our little warrior was due for his fourth open heart surgery (in less than a year) that we wanted to get him something that would help him understand his condition and what he was going through. A companion of some kind. We couldn’t find anything, so we decided to do something ourselves, and made him a little bear with a zip on its chest which included a ‘mended’ heart on the inside. Another parent on the ward at the time spotted the bear and asked where we’d got it from. We explained that we’d made it ourselves and offered to make them one as well.


Little Warrior Bears was born. 

What are Warrior Bears?

Little Warrior Bears are companion bears with little 'scars' to help our little ones understand what has happened to them. The bear has a functional zipper on it's chest as well as a little red heart that has been mended with white thread "stitches."

You can also send us your child's very own special bear (must be at least 40cm tall) and we'll add a 'scar' and mended heart. Please send us an email if you're interested in this service.

Get in touch if you have any questions.


Keep on fighting warriors!

All our love